Keynote Speakers


University of Tokyo, Japan

Takahiro (Taka) FUJIMOTO

Professor of Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo

Executive Director, Manufacturing Management Research Center

Senior Research Associate, Harvard Business School

Professor Takahiro Fujimoto specializes in technology and operations management. He graduated from Tokyo University and joined Mitsubishi Research Institute in 1979, and received doctoral degree from Harvard Business School in 1989.

Fujimoto’s main publications in English include: Competing to Be Really, REALLY Good(2007), The Evolution of a Manufacturing System at Toyota (1999) and Product Development Performance: Strategy, Organization, and Management in the World Auto Industry (1991) with Kim B. Clark.

Chunxiao LIANG

Alibaba Group, China

Chunxiao LIANG(梁春晓)

Senior Researcher, Alibaba Group

Vice President, Alibaba Group

Chunxiao Liang is the senior researcher, vice president of the Alibaba Group, and the committee member of Information Society 50 Forum. He serves as the executive director of the Chinese Information Economy Society, the expert committee member of ECTE (Expert Committee for Telecommunication Economy), and also a member of Advisory Committee for Beijing Information.

Liang has long been focusing on e-commerce, network economy and information society. His significant views and concepts include “E-Commerce Industry”,“Three Key Points for Developing E-Commerce”, ”Service Industry for E-Commerce”,” Eco-System for E-commerce”, “Three Stages for the Development of Online Business ”and the feature of business for e-commerce. He also participated in the 11th Five-Year Plan for E-Commerce Development by the national Development and Reform Commission, and the Chinese Electronic Commerce Report by the Ministry of Commerce. In addition, more recent books include Service for E-Commerce, E-Business Wins the World: New Perspective of Alibaba , Search Revolution, E-Commerce: From Idea to Action, and Introduction to E-Commerce.

Feng WEI

Ministry of Transport, China

Feng WEI(魏凤)

Senior Engineer

Deputy Director of the Intelligent Transportation System and Transition of vehicular networking office, China Transport Telecommunication & Information Center

Feng Wei is mainly responsible for Intelligent Transportation System, Internet of things and RFID, modern Logistics technology and platform, technology standards, and logistics integrated information services. She serves as the panel member of the 10th Five Years Key Programs for Science and Technology Development of China, the member of the national logistics technology standards committee, the working group expert of "China Radio Frequency Identification policy white paper", the planning expert of "RFID technology and application" (863 major Program), and the Vice President of Northeast Asia logistics information service network (NEAL-NET).

Wei undertakes a series of Logistics technology and standard programs in the 10th, 11th and 12th Five-Year Plans, and Provides guidelines for the development of Internet technology in China. She currently is responsible for national Science-technology support plan (Regional logistics resource sharing service platform research and application) for 12th five-year plan.

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